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Welcome to the Software Architecture Portal, website of IFIP Working Group 2.10 on Software Architecture, part of TC 2, SOFTWARE: Theory and Practice. The portal provides information about IFIP WG 2.10, the WICSA conference series, the Software Architecture Village wiki, and other resources on software architecture.

ICSA = WICSA + CompArch!

ICSA is the integration of WICSA and CompArch. ICSA will extend the WICSA history and tradition as the premier gathering of practitioners and researchers interested in finding out about and improving the state of practice of software Architecture. ICSA will also extend the CompArch history (and its constituent events CBSE and QoSA), of designing component-based systems and analyzing the quality of architectures

ICSA 2017: 5–7 April 2017, Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Past News

WICSA/CompArch 2016

The 13th conference in the series was held 4–8 April 2016 in Venice Italy, in conjunction with CompArch.

WICSA 2015

The 12th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture was held 4–8 May 2015, Montréal, CANADA, in conjunction with CompArch 2015, the federated conference on Component-based Software Engineering and Software Architecture.

WICSA 2014

WICSA 2014 was held Sydney, Australia, 7–11 April 2014.

CompArch 2013

The 7th CompArch was held 17–21 June, in Vancouver, CANADA.


The joint 10th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture and 6th European Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA/ECSA 2012) was held 20–24 August 2012, in Helsinki, FINLAND.

WICSA 2011

WICSA 2011, the 9th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture, was held 20–24 June 2011, Boulder, CO USA. Co-located with CompArch: Federated events in component-based software engineering and software architecture.

VARSA 2011 @ WICSA 2011

The 1st International Workshop on Variability in Software Architecture (VARSA 2011) aimed at identifying critical challenges and progressing the state-of-the-art on variability in software architecture by exploring current and emerging methods, languages, notations, technologies and tools to model, implement, and manage variability at the software architecture level. Co-located with the 9th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture, 20 June 2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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