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Call for Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

The WICSA conference has always aimed to encourage discussion of all topics related to software architecture and particularly to allow researchers and practitioners to get together in a constructive environment to exchange ideas and experiences. As part of this, WICSA/ECSA 2009 is a great opportunity to organize a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session to allow discussion of subjects not on the main program or further discussion of those that are.

A BoF session is a short informal forum for discussions related to any aspect of software architecture. Attendees who want to get together with others who share their interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds are invited to organize and attend a BoF session. BoFs can be proposed and advertised before the conference or can be convened at the conference when the need for one is recognized. BoFs can be used to continue a discussion that began in another session, for a group to get together to pursue a common interest or just to discuss a range of opinions around a topic.

To propose a BoF in advance of the conference, please contact the program chairs. We will allocate a suitable room for the session and will also arrange for it to be listed on the conference web site. Please supply the name(s) of the organizer(s), title, abstract. Announcements will be posted as they arrive and rooms will be allocated on a first come-first serve basis.