IEEE Software Special Issue on Software Architecture

The IEEE Software special issue on Software Architecture (March/April 2006) celebrates 10 years of interest in software architecture and marks the 10th anniversary of the first IEEE Software special issue on the topic in November 1995.

Editors of the special issue were Judith Stafford* (Tufts) and Henk Obbink* (Philips). The issue presents seven articles on software architecture including: "The past, present and future of software architecture" by Philippe Kruchten* (UBC), Obbink* and Stafford*; "The Golden Age of Software Architecture" by Mary Shaw* (CMU) and Paul Clements* (SEI); and "Software Architecture-Centric Methods and Agile Development" by Robert L. Nord* (SEI) and James E. Tomayko. Table of contents

* Members of IFIP WG 2.10