IEEE 1471 balloted by ISO

IEEE Std 1471, the Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software-intentive Systems, adopted by IEEE in 2000 and ANSI in 2001, is being balloted by ISO for consideration as an international standard.

IEEE submitted the recommended practice to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7, the ISO committee responsible for ISO standards in software and systems engineering. JTC1/SC7 is conducting a "fast track" ballot of the recommended practice under the designation: ISO/IEC DIS 25961. The ballot closes 20 March 2006.

Following the ballot, there will be the opportunity for a coordinated revision by IEEE and ISO, based on the comments received. This revision would likely take into consideration integration of IEEE 1471 with the ISO and IEEE software/systems engineering life cycles, and coordination with existing related standards, such as ISO RM-ODP (Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing) and ISO GERAM (enterprise architecture standards).

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